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Welcome to Simple Home Based Jobs. If you have been looking genuine online jobs without investment or fees, then you have come to the right place. Stay assured that you will not be able to find better home based jobs without investment, anywhere else on the internet. Our years of experience has enabled us to find the best ways of earning money online and we have reviewed these ways of making money online, in this website. All the online jobs reviewed by us are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and paying.

Make sure that you read Getting Started article, which will guide you through the website, so that you may maximize your earnings. You cannot earn big by just joining one of the jobs reviewed here. Make sure that you go through the entire website and join all the jobs that you can, to earn a good revenue each month. Many of your friends/relatives may also be on a look out for genuine online home based jobs without investment. Help them by sharing this website using the sharing tools on the left and bottom of the pages.

Now let us proceed to the reviews of the various ways of making money online...

Earn from Clickbank for the sales you make - FREE Training!

This is of-course, the best free way of making money online! Here is how you earn: Clickbank has a lot of products for you to promote. Most of them are digital products - like ebooks, guides etc. You promote these products and for each sale you make, you earn a commission of upto 75%! So, if you make a sale of a $35 product, you get paid $26.25! That is easy money right? So, if you make just one sale per day, you end up making $800 a month. You can of-course, make as many sales as you want per day.
The best part is, we train you step by step for FREE! That is right. All you have to do is, click on Get Started button, register using your email id, and get started with our step by step training. This training costs you at least a $100 elsewhere. But we are giving it to you for free.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online

If you are good at writing articles, then you can you can earn money online by getting paid for your articles. There are many websites on the internet, that pay people for their articles, on the basis of revenue sharing. Revenue sharing means, the websites put up ads along-side the articles that you write, and pay you a portion of the revenue that these ads generate. Some of these websites also allow you to place your own ads in your articles. While some websites accept short articles, others accept only long articles of very good quality. You get paid for all the view, comments, likes and shares that your article receives, based on the website for which you write articles. Most of these websites also have referral programs too, where you get paid to refer your friends to join these programs and start writing articles. We have reviewed websites that would suit everyone, from amateur article writers to professional writers. Our review on the different programs that pay you for writing articles would cover the revenue sharing model, the article - requirements (basically, how your article should be), the referral program and the payment terms and payment methods offered in each of these programs. This is the best way to make money online.

Get Paid for your Actions and Opinions

Now you can make money online for your actions. These actions may be anything like reviewing websites, taking surveys, signing up for offers, installing software and many more! This is the simplest way of earning money online and can be considered the best work at home job. There are many people who would like to get their products(software) or website reviewed. These people pay some companies to get it done. These companies in-turn, find people like you to get these products/websites reviewed and pay you for doing it.
The payment from these companies are also fast and the earning potential is also high. Most of the companies also have referral program, which is a great source of additional income. Our review covers some of these genuine paying companies, their payment options and referral program offered.

Shorten Links, Share and Earn

Most of us share links with our friends every day, be it on social networking websites like Facebook, twitter etc or on Youtube, emails, websites or forums. But we miss out the opportunity to earn from these links! Yes, you read it right. You can now earn from these links that you share everyday and you can treat this as your part time job. All that you will have to do, to start earning from these links is, shrink them using one of the link shorteners that we have reviewed and share these shortened links.

You will be paid for each visit to these links and you will be earning money online by doing this. How does this work? The visitor is shown a full page advertisement for a few seconds, typically 5 seconds, and then redirected to the original destination of the link. Basically, it is these advertisements that earn you money. The link shortening websites pay a different rate for different visitor, based on their geographic location. Visitors from US and Canada earn you more money than visitors from the other countries. All of these link shortening programs have a referral program too, which earns you a portion of your referrals' earnings, which is additional income. Our review on the different link shortening programs will cover the following: How to start earning from your links, the different paid link shortening programs - the pay-rate, the referral commission and the payment methods offered by each of these programs.

Monetize your websites using CPM Ad networks

We have reviewed CPM networks that suits different scales of publishers - small, medium and large. While there are CPM networks which offer high CPM rates, accepting websites with only large volumes of traffic, there are also CPM networks accepting websites with little or not traffic, offering lower CPM rates. We have reviewed the different CPM networks available in terms of the average CPM rates, the types of ads, the reporting, the referral program and the payment cycle and payment methods offered by them.

Make Money from Freelancer Jobs

Freelancers are people who decide their own working hours, the kind of work they do and the people with whom they work. Freelancers are their own boss and they decide everything related to their work, like working from home, working part time, how they earn money online, what home based job they do and so on. Many people today have many tasks to be done, for which they do not have either the time or the required skill-sets.

There are many websites today, that provide a platform for these people to post their task, and they act as an interface between the job posters (who become the Employees) and the Freelancers, who take up these tasks and complete them. These websites are referred to as the Freelancer websites. Jobs or projects or tasks of all categories, like programming, writing, data entry, animation etc, are posted by the Employers in the Freelancer websites. Freelancers can join these Freelancer websites and can browse through the available projects and bid (offer a quote) on the projects that they are interested in working on. The Employer selects one of the freelancers based on the bid amount and the freelancer's profile, rating and experience. Once the freelancer completes the project, the payment is made. In this way, the freelancer can choose the work that suits his/her interest and has flexibility in terms of time management.

Some Freelancer websites also offers a referral program which pays the Freelancers for referring other Freelancers to these websites. We have reviewed the different Freelancer websites available in terms of how they work, the referral programs that they offer, the payment methods support and the payment cycle of each of the Freelancer websites.

CPC/PPC Ad networks for publishers

CPC (Cost Per Click) networks are meant for publishers/webmasters using which they can monetize their websites and make money online. These networks pay publishers for each click on the CPC/PPC ads displayed on their websites. Since the earnings depend on the clicks on the ads, the websites participating in these programs need not have a huge volume of traffic in order reach a decent earning. Hence, even new websites, which get only a few visitors everyday, can participate in these programs. Some of the CPC networks require the participating websites to be well established. But most of the CPC networks accept new websites provided, they have content of good quality. Some of the PPC networks also have a referral program. We have reviewed many PPC networks, starting from the networks that accept websites that are well established to the networks that accept even new websites, in terms of their popularity, the types of ads offered, the referral program, the payment cycle and payment methods offered by each of the networks.

Earn money by promoting your own toolbar

Regardless of whether you are a website owner or not, you can create you own toolbar and generate revenue by promoting it. Creating a toolbar is very easy. You will just have to drag and drop per-built modules and you can even have links to your own website(s) or referral links to different programs, in the toolbar. You can then distribute the toolbar and earn money online for every active user using your toolbar. Your earnings are paid from a portion of the profits earned from the search bar in the toolbar, that is monetized by ads from premium ad networks. If you are a website owner, this toolbar gives you the opportunity to get returning visitors and making your brand popular. Your earnings depend on the geographic locations of the active users of your toolbar. Active users from Tier1 countries like US and Canada earn you more. Once the users start using your toolbar, you will have to do nothing. You earn as long as these users remain active users! You can promote your toolbar in many ways - through social networking websites, youtube, your own website(s), forums and many other ways. We have reviewed one program which pays you to promote your toolbar. In the review, we have explained about the program itself, how to build a toolbar, the pay-rates and the payment methods and pay-cycle. This is an ideal home based job for people who would like to work online part time.

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